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Good Shepherd Campaign 

seminarians 2017The 2017 Good Shepherd Campaign is an initiative of Archbishop Albert LeGatt to support the costs of formation for our seminarians, of ongoing professional development of our clergy and the enculturation of our international priests. We are blessed to have six men studying towards the priesthood.

Father Vincent Lusty and Father Joshua Gundrum were ordained on July 3rd, 2017 and are now serving in parishes.

Please continue to pray for our seminarians and clergy.



Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,  have you ever thought about the importance of your conscience? That small little voice that, formed by the Church, speaks of right or wrong, Good or evil. We often don’t realize just what an amazing faculty of the spirit the conscience is. Vatican II, in the document Gaudium et Spes, argued that “[C]onscience is the most secret core and sanctuary of a man. There he is alone with God, whose voice echoes in his depths.”[1]

Sadly in our times, this secret core is under attack, and we are called to the defence of it. Specifically at the request of the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, in the  “Call for Conscience Campaign”, promoting Bill 34, put forward by the Government of Manitoba.  The bill aims to protect conscience rights for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who object to participating in medical aid in dying.

Throughout the province, this campaign is to run in Catholic parishes on 3 consecutive weekends: September 23rd, September 30thand October 7th.

For more information, please review the attached documents.

Letter for parishioners : A letter for parishioners letting them know how they can get involved in the campaign.

Letter for MLAA template letter to be printed, for parishioners to sign and send to your MLA; a copy should also be sent to the Archdiocese.

For any questions on the “Call for Conscience Campaign”, please contact Nadine Fetherston at the Service of Marriage, Family and Life:
204-594-0295 /

Catholic Camp for ages 5 to 17

Catholic School of Evangelization

Unforgettable Catholic Summer Camps! Don’t miss out! The Saint Malo Catholic Camps at the CSE (Catholic School of Evangelization) are an unforgettable experience for youth ages 5 to 17 years old. During their week at camps, campers have fun with archery, mountain biking, canoeing, beach time, sports, campfires, music, dramas, and still much more. Even more special are the lifelong friendships that are formed at camps, and the prayer time and spiritual formation offered to campers. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY

Parish Centre

Why are the parish center doors locked?

So here is why it became necessary to lock the west doors at the parish center:

Many months ago, I was tasked by the Archbishop to ensure that the parish of St. Bernadette is compliant with safe-environment policies that conform to our Diocesan Insurance provider. Our Insurance provider has warned the Archdiocese that, unless all parishes comply with a safe-environment policy as approved by them, they will cease to cover the parishes and the Archdiocese. They are currently conducting audits at the parish level to ensure that their requirements are being met.

Now when I arrived here a year and a half ago, of the many things I knew I had to quickly deal with was that the parish of St. Bernadette was nearly 10 years behind in conforming to this mandatory requirement. Eight years ago, I had led the parish of St. Timothy toward the development and completion of its safe-environment compliance. So I am familiar with what is needed to make that happen.

Early on, with the parish team, we determined that the entrance where the washrooms are located creates an extreme-danger for our children and vulnerable adults while the community is at worship. This area is completely unsupervised and isolated and it creates an easy opportunity for predators of the vulnerable who seek to use the parish washrooms.

Furthermore, this entrance is easy access for any person who may have nefarious intentions of harming members of the Assembly by entering the building unchallenged … perhaps with a weapon. It is unchallenged, easy and leisurely access for strangers to the working sacristy and to the parish halls.

This extreme vulnerability, most especially to our children and vulnerable people, has finally just been confirmed by an expert consultant who has advised us to shut down this access immediately to avert, insofar as humanly possible, the high potential for a tragedy.

Our Stained Glass

Ever wonder about our

Stained Glass Window?

Designed by Gerald E. Tooke, the window at the west end of the worship space is an outstanding work of sacred art. It shows the manner of our approach to God, and the opportunity given us by Jesus Christ to obtain our salvation through the Church.
The triangular shape is emphasized by the symbols of the Blessed Trinity. At the top, the hands of God reaching from heaven. The symbols of the dove (the Holy Spirit) and the lion (Jesus Christ, Lord of Life) support the bottom corners. The theme of the window moves from right to left, Alpha to Omega, beginning to end. The symbols under the Alpha come from Genesis. They include creation, the earth with day and night, the fall of Adam and Eve, the tablets of the Mosaic law, the tower of Babel, and the burning bush. The symbols under Omega come from Revelations. These include the angel trumpeting Christ (the lamb) atop the New Jerusalem, the book of the seven seals of revealed truth (Word of God), the river of life, the tree of life with the twelve fruit, and the twelve stars (the apostles). The central section draws us to the crucified and risen Lord; the continuing present; and our way to the future.
The main part of the window shows Christ as the Redeemer, glorified but with his wounds. The cross symbolizes his transcendence of the agony of the crucifixion. The church is symbolized by Our Lady and by the twelve apostles, with parted tongues of fire from the Pentecost. Indirect de-scent from Christ and the cross are the seven candlesticks representing the seven sacraments of the Church.
(From artist’s description)