IMG_0258Our mandate, in youth ministry, is to live our discipleship by being of service to our community  through all ministries available to us.

We are a group of youth who fully, actively, and consciously participate in our Liturgy and Community life.

Only in prayer will we meet him face-to-face.  Only in prayer will God be revealed to our hearts. Are you ready to Follow Him?    Jesus is worth your life.  Do something that isn’t easy, or comfortable, or safe. 

Join us and “Come, follow Me!”

All are welcome to join us beginning in grade 6.

We strive to “walk the talk” as Jesus did!

“In this way we live our lives as Jesus taught for “Anyone can love peace, but Jesus didn’t say, “Blessed are the peace-lover.”  He says peacemakers.  He is referring to a life vocation, not a hobby on the sidelines of life.” (Wallis)

Catechism / Youth Newsletter

Stone Soup 2017


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Good Friday & The Stations of the Cross 2017


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